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Brand Assets

GainPool is a benchmark-setting, entrepreneurial-friendly blockchain entity working with all ecosystem stakeholders, via a cross-chain gateway access to launchpad projects and private rounds for cryptocurrency participants. We aim to provide financial freedom and inclusion for the masses through a middling tier mechanism with a guaranteed allocation, and community revenue sharing model. The below guidelines are a simple framework for how to best use the GainPool brand when creating promotional and marketing materials.


The word Gain logotype is at the center of our brand and visual identity. To make sure that the brand identity is upheld and represented in the best way possible, the logo should always be presented and shown in a consistent way. The logo needs to be seen clearly in the highest available resolution for the given situation and scale. It should not be crowded or overlapped by other media elements, the logotype ratio should remain proportionate to the original and never be distorted, adjusted, or cropped, and the white/black version used should be optimized based on the color of the background that it is shown with to make sure it has the best possible clarity and visibility.

GainPool Token

The Gain token is the initial entry point for participants into the GainPool ecosystem. The Gain token symbol represents the GainPool community as a whole and can be used and shared as another recognizable identity of GainPool in addition to the logotype. The Gain token is significant in its symbolism. The dot combination on the outer edge signifies the individual Gain token holders. The dots are then brought together in the center of the Gain token to show the total contribution to the pool. The vertical line dropping from the center of the Gain token is a powerful linkage from the pool to the launchpad projects by the GainPool community.


Our two main colors are the focus of our designs and interfaces and bring a good blend of bright and dark. The significance of the blue indicates that the “sky is the limit” regarding the growth potential for Gain token holders. The white is a combination of all colors and is indicative of our mantra of financial freedom for ALL. While these are the most used colors of the brand, we are constantly growing and developing the color palette that we are using. We plan to add more colors that engage with our users and the preferences of the GainPool community.




Quicksand font was selected as the brand font for GainPool because it is a free, open-source sans-serif typeface. It is designed for display purposes but kept legible enough to use in small sizes as well. It has rounded letterforms giving it a warm and friendly appearance consistent with the attitude of the GainPool community. This font is available in light, normal and bold types that are perfect for most all applications.