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About GainPool

GainPool Aims to Provide Fair Access to early on projects for the community through In-house Mechanisms. We aim to achieve this by Reinventing the Modus Operandi for Decentralized Investing

Means Of Participation

With Direct Means Of Participation, GainPool Acts As A Risk Mitigator and Bridges The Early Stage Investing Hiatus That Exist.

Access To Seed Rounds
Access To Private Sales
Strategic Rounds/Alliances

With Indirect Means Of Participation, GainPool Acts As A Locum In 3rd Party Launchpads. GainPool aggregates launchpads and participate in their IDOs/TGEs.

Access To Launchpads-Private
Access To Launchpads-Public


Governance Voting

Impactful changes are voted to effect change by $GAIN stakers


$GAIN holders are in charge of their tokens/funds

Community Focus

Major Ecosystem changes are voted by $GAIN stakers

Staking/Liquidity Mining

$GAIN stakers can earn more tokens by providing liquidity to the network

Dual Mechanism

Ensures FOF and FOT between $GAIN holders and 3rd parties

Risk Mitigation

Due diligence and research are done for $GAIN stakers for any participation

A Locum

GainPool acts and represents $GAIN stakers in invested projects. Ceases when tokens are distributed to $GAIN stakers


Access to participate in projects from other Launchpad

Deflationary Mechanism

0.125% of $GAIN tokens will be burned quarterly for 10 years


Access to projects from different blockchains

Distribution Model

Long-term $GAIN stakers and LPs shall qualify for distributions in the form of rewards, contests, airdrops, and many more

Guaranteed Allocation

Once eligible, you are guaranteed an allocation based on tier level

Powered By:

Gain Token

Token Economy

GAIN Total Supply 20M
    • Private Sales/Public


    • Reward-LP/Airdrop


    • Team & Advisor


    • Reserve/Treasury


    • Liquidity/Market Making


    • Partnerships & Ecosystem Dev’t




Governance and decisions on GainPool ecosystem are facilitated by the $GAIN token. Token holders will be able to vote on ecosystem integration, vetting processes, and decide on different chains to be integrated into the protocol.

Liquidity providers and stakers will earn rewards for market participation on a daily basis for ensuring ecosystem stability.


Aaron Arthur, MBA

Founder & CEO
Crypto Enthusiast / Alts Trader / Early-Stage Investor

Aaron is the founder and CEO of TimeSet Capital LLC and an Ex-Sr. Financial Ops. Analyst for Anthem Inc. He holds a Bachelor's degrees-Accounting and Management from Wilmington College and a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Leadership from Northern Kentucky University. Aaron earned his Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate from Harvard University. He switched from Forex and Stock trading in late 2016 to Cryptocurrency investing and has since been involved in many successful projects. He understands what needs to be done to create a fair level ground to allow everyone to have access to participate in the early stages of quality projects on a simple to use platform. He understands the need to onboard the masses for crypto adoption to provide financial prosperity for all through unique approaches.

Vincent Monks, MBA

Crypto & Blockchain Advocate/Investor

Vincent has over 20 years in the water utility business and professional background in managing Daily Operations, Water Quality, Product Development, Business Development, Engineering Design, and Information Management Systems. He has served on strategic innovation teams and technology conceptualization, including co-inventor of a patented water technology. He is an advocate of cryptocurrency and supports the development of blockchain projects to advance the DeFi industry.

Amos Nhyira

Adoption Strategist
Crypto Enthusiast/Crypto Trader

Amos is a highly knowledgeable business development expert and a researcher. He has worked with top brands like and MTN Ghana and Starlife Assurance Company Limited. Cumulatively, Amos has nine (9) years of experience in the corporate space. Amos holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA) from the Christian Service University College Ghana, with a specialty in Banking and Finance. He is currently the Managing Partner of AAREC Research. He has provided top-notched leadership, training, coaching, and consulting services for individuals and businesses in Ghana. For example, in 2018, his firm provided management consulting services to some 9 companies that were among selected companies that benefited the government of Ghana One District, One Factory (1D1F) Initiative. His Area of expertise includes;

  • Consulting and Business Intelligence,
  • Academic and Industrial research,
  • Business Planning and Process Analysis,
  • Project Management,
  • Organizational Development,
  • Financial and risks Analysis, and
  • Customer Relationship Management. He is a crypto enthusiast and investor/trader since 2017 and has involved in several launchpad projects and private sales. He will help the project gain grounds in the African nations


Ajay Shukla, BE

Blockchain Advisor

Ajay is a Technology Consultant for Infograins and Founder of BizRoute. He has over eight years of blockchain consultancy experience which has scaled client's projects from the ground up. He is an expert in blockchain technology, architecture, and Implementation. He is an expert in IDO, ICO, TGE, Whitepaper creation, Smart contracts audit, Dapp, DeFi, NFT, Asset-based Token creation, Private & Public Blockchain.

Dr. Samuel Kyei

Business and Risk Advisor
Blockchain Advocate

President & CEO Sam’s Taxes and Financial services. Adjunct Professor of Accounting at the Graduate School of Business at Herzing University and Belhaven University in Atlanta. Dr Samuel has worked with many noble entities including, IRS, Cengage, Louis Vuitton, Non-sponsored Project for Private Sector-World Bank, New Mountain Capital, etc. With his knowledge and experience, he will be advising the project on risk and optimum return on investment.


Strategic Marketing Advisor

Leading Singapore- based blockchain advisory that has helped numerous projects execute successful IEOs. Notable projects that Token Minds have helped launch include Bezant and Celsius, among others.

Mahim Sharma

Legal Advisor

Mahim is a qualified lawyer with diverse experience in corporate and technology law. He is a law graduate from Gujarat National Law University (B.a. LL.B. Hons.), holds a diploma in Cyber Law. He has worked with eminent lawyers and top law firms in New Delhi and Mumbai, before deciding to merge his passion for law and digital technologies. During his stint as a corporate lawyer, he has advised and represented various multi-national companies in India and abroad.

Mahim’s experience as a tech lawyer includes assisting cryptocurrency, IT and entertainment companies with their incorporation, data privacy, contract management, ICOs, NFT marketplaces and compliance.

Robert Tomkins

Blockchain Research Advisor
Blockchain Advocate/ Blockchain Developer/Crypto Investor

Founder and CEO of Eduati and Senior IT PM at King's College London. Master of Science (MS), Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence - University of York BA American Studies - University of Sussex. Expert in Solidity Programming, ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721, ERC-1155 creation, Dapps, DeFi, EdTech, Proptech, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, and blockchain creation.

Shashvat Sahai

Marketing Advisor

Shashvat is a qualified lawyer turned blockchain consultant. He is a law graduate (LLB Hons.) from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He is a certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) since 2019, awarded by the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4), the industry leader in professional blockchain certifications. Besides this, Shashvat also possesses vast experience in international business development and marketing in the EdTech industry & has previously worked with reputed universities and schools from many countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. A passionate crypto educator and evangelist, Shashvat has been in the crypto space since early 2016. His experiences and areas of expertise in crypto draw from having worked with many projects at various stages over the years - from compliance & regulations advisory, blockchain & business development to building-up and managing large-scale cryptocurrency mining operations.

Partners and Backers


GainPool Roadmap details the various stages of our activities as well as the time they will be executed. Because our platform is a hub with many use cases, the project would launch out in phases as detailed below:

  • Q4
  • 2020
  • Concept Creation and Documentation
  • Q1/Q2
  • 2021
  • MVP Development
  • Q3
  • 2021
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Marketing & Partnerships
  • Private Round
  • Q4
  • 2021
  • Public Sale
  • DEX/CEX Listings
  • MVP Launch
  • Cross-Chain Integrations
  • Q1
  • 2022
  • GAIN Airdrop
  • Governance Voting
  • Deflationary Mechanism Implementation
  • Q2
  • 2022
  • Cross-Chain Integrations
  • Additional Wallet Support.
  • Price Reference Integrations

Recent News


Any Merits of holding $GAIN utility token?


  • $GAIN holders depending on their tier level, gets a guaranteed allocation for any participation.
  • $GAIN holders can stake and or provide liquidity to the network and earn more $GAIN tokens.
  • $GAIN holders will be able to participate in the governance to effect a major change.
How is GainPool Different from existing project?

Unlike many similar platforms, GainPool leverages in-house mechanism protocol to provide a guaranteed allocation with minimum staking cost. With GainPool, the focus on WORTH of $GAIN token not the AMOUNT or the QUANTITY. At any time, hold 1000 USDC worth of $GAIN token to get a guaranteed allocation.

Is GainPool Compliant to Regulatory Bodies?

Yes: To make sure GainPool understand the territory compliances, one of the knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable Legal Expert/Partner has been retained to navigate the project through various legal landscape.

What is the Tier Model?
  • GainLead –   Stake 1,000 USDC worth of $GAIN Token = 1x Guaranteed allocation
  • GainPro –   Stake 10,000 USDC worth of $GAIN Token = 3x Guaranteed allocation
  • GainElite –   Stake 100,000 USDC worth of $GAIN Token = 5x Guaranteed allocation